About Us

African Kitchen concept was initiated by an experience of a couple of high level officials visiting from Africa and looking for a decent restaurant to eat home food. As at the time there was none.

The concept then came to reality in August 2004. The idea is to promote African foods among Africans and introduce it to non-Africans.

Popular African dishes that cut across cultural and traditional boundaries modified to suite the taste of the cultural diversity of the host environmet in which it is to be presented.

We have come a long way, achieving our objectives is not without sweat and tears. We have stumbled over obstacles and thanks to a consistent team and good advisers we survive constant threat to the concept.

As an ambassador of the African traditional heritage our vision is to promote the African values in terms of foods and relative products from the African continent presented in an environment that agitate for respect, freedom, equal opportunity and love.

Thank you for being part of us.